On a drive to pick-up our daughter from dance practice, I was listening to an audiobook in the car. A comment caught my attention when the author stated …

“The reality of the situation came to light when I decided to trust the truth.”

If you think about it, we have the option to trust what is real or something false. The bottom line here is that we have the choice.

Make Believe World

Several weeks ago, I attended a wedding where the father of the bride made the following comment as part of a toast to the newlyweds:

“I’m very happy with my daughter. She is the most hardworking person I know. In fact, I know there are some weeks where she will work more than 100 hours. I’m very proud of her.”

In another situation, one graduate student mentioned to me that his life would not be complete unless he figured a way to “make millions of dollars before the age of 40.”

I have nothing against hard work and ambition. It is important to have clear goals for the future and to make the investment in education and a career for good things to happen.

In fact, when I was younger, I bragged about the many work hours I could log. I would often select going to the office over attending family events. The lie that work is the most important truth gripped my life. It became evident that my entire world revolved around increasing my net worth.

Family and faith had taken a backseat to work.

The Truth in 2023

On January 1, we welcome the new year.

Today, I am more excited about the near future. In fact, I spend less time worrying about tomorrow, and more concerned about what I am doing today.

The Christmas season reminds me that investing most of my time in faith and family is far more rewarding than focusing on building the bank account. While I still care about wealth and the benefits it provides, it is no longer the driving force in my life.

Here are a few ways I am sharing this truth with others …

• When our kids discuss their career plans, I spend more time listening to their aspirations. I do not have my own goals for them. Instead, I ask what is important to them. I want to know where their passion lies, and I will support them in what they decide to do.

• When a student reaches out to me regarding their academic goals, I turn the question around and ask them about the type of work they desire in the future. I remind them that work should be fun and exciting. In other words, they should avoid any occupation based solely on potential income.

I’ve come a long way on my journey, and I am blessed that the Lord has provided me with a beautiful family.

I must admit I’ve had serious bumps along the way, including a divorce when I was just 27 years old and the death of a child in later years. There is no doubt I’ve had my share of unbearable times.

However, I am welcoming the new year with different expectations.

My experience has taught me there are many things I cannot control.

Therefore, it’s important I focus most of my time on the stuff within my grasp, and it starts with thanking God for giving me the wisdom to strive for the truth in every moment.