Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: January 2023

Preparing for Life’s Typical Corners

Several years ago, I heard a speaker make the following statement: “We can expect to have an emergency of some kind, whether work or personal, about every 90 days.”

When she first made this comment, I thought it was an exaggeration. If this were true, it would mean we are in constant peril because bad stuff is happening frequently.

The Bubble Gum Guy

My wife and I were driving back from Waco to San Antonio this past Saturday after watching the Antonian High School Silver Dancers win the TAPPS State Title!

Our daughter, Helena, made the team as a freshman, and we are proud of the hard work the players, coaches, and parents put into the program. It’s a beautiful operation!

On the way home, we smartly decided to take the toll road that allows us to circle around Austin, and thereby bypassing this part of I-35, which goes right through the heart of Austin. For those of you who know the traffic situation in our state capital, you are aware that it is far better to drive around it than through it.

It’s About Collective Ownership

I continued my journey on the San Antonio Master of Leadership Program (MLP) this month, and our next topic was Board Skills. I mentioned before that this program is not university-based; rather, our cohort of 60+ professionals spend a full day immersed in one subject area, such as Education, Community & Economic Development, Bio & Health, Military Impact, and Technology.

The Rock Star Dilemma

Our older daughter, Kaitlin, met us in New York City during the holidays, and we welcomed the new year in the Big Apple. We rented an Airbnb in the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

We were far enough away from the Times Square traffic, but close enough to either jump on the subway or request an Uber to get there.

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