The interesting thing I want to share about last week is that it was mostly normal. My work schedule was about the same as always and so was the personal stuff.

However, two different situations took place on the same day that reinforced the beauty of kindness.

Situation #1

I went to pick-up a prescription via the drive-through pharmacy of our local supermarket. The attendant was a male in his late 20s who mentioned that the medication had a zero co-pay, and I only needed to sign the digital tablet he made available to me.

As I provided my signature, he noticed the watch on my left wrist, prompting him to say …

“That is a nice-looking watch. It’s a cool dial!”

His compliment caught me a bit off-guard, but I was able to reply with little hesitation:

“Thank you! It’s one of my favorites.”

As I drove away, I realized the positive impact that this one simple compliment provided. I’ve worn this same watch many times, and I don’t remember anyone acknowledging it.

Situation #2

After picking up the prescription, I drove to get my haircut. My barber, Mario, has cut my hair for about 10 years, and, for the most part, the outcome is about the same. Given that my hair grows quickly, the cut is usually short. I follow this routine every two weeks.

After the haircut, it was time to go home and get to work. However, I had an early morning flight the following day, and I was going to request an Uber. I decided to inform the security guard of our subdivision that an Uber driver would come through the next morning at 6 a.m.

The older gentlemen, who was dressed in official security guard attire including a hat, grabbed a notepad and jotted down my request. I thanked him, and before I drove away, he said …

“Man! That’s a great haircut!”

Although surprised to receive this compliment, I thanked him as I smiled and continued to the house.

Why It Matters

These two situations remind me that being nice and showing kindness does not require something important to happen. The beauty here is that both individuals said something nice about me without expecting anything in return.

I did very little to earn the kind words. In one case, I put on a watch that I had worn many times. In the other case, I received the same style of haircut that has been part of my life for the past decade.

Yet, these two folks found something kind to say about everyday stuff.

This is an important lesson for me. Instead of looking for something wrong or out of place, I want to focus on the positive things happening around me.

The fact is that there are so many compliments I can give to others. The only requirement here is for me to make the effort.

I now recognize the blessing I received by crossing paths with these two gentlemen.

There is no doubt that my God is sending me a reminder I need to heed.