Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: April 2023

Love Found in a Delivered Wallet

About a week ago, I was driving home from visiting our son at the cemetery, and about halfway home, I realized that I was running very low on fuel. In fact, the gauge on my car indicated I had only 3 miles before reaching an empty tank.

I knew of this low status at the 50-minute mark, but I ignored it, thinking I would have time later in the day.

On this drive home, however, I called my wife, Dulce, and we were having an engaging conversation about a few family matters. Thus, my concentration regarding the fuel level was distracted.

India, China, Baltimore

My wife and I recently watched a 1997 Robin Williams movie, Good Will Hunting. Near the end of the show, a friend asks Williams, who is playing the role of a retiring psychologist (Sean Maguire) struggling with the death of his wife to cancer …

“Where are you going now, Sean?”

The weary and heartbroken Sean responds …

“I don’t know … India, China, Baltimore.”

Just Give Me a Call

I have several ideas for the article this week, but there is one situation I observed a few days ago that has lingered in my mind. It’s something that happened in just a matter of seconds, but there was so much value I gained from it.

While on a business trip to Louisville, I walked into a Super Target to purchase bottled water, Diet Coke, and some snacks. On my way to the self-checkout counter, I walked by the CVS Pharmacy embedded in the store.

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