My wife and I recently watched a 1997 Robin Williams movie, Good Will Hunting. Near the end of the show, a friend asks Williams, who is playing the role of a retiring psychologist (Sean Maguire) struggling with the death of his wife to cancer …

“Where are you going now, Sean?”

The weary and heartbroken Sean responds …

“I don’t know … India, China, Baltimore.”

The scenario here was touching because Sean was struggling to start a new chapter in his life. The loss of his wife was too overwhelming, and he was having a tough time turning the page.

Moving Forward

We’ve all faced difficult times, and there are times when these events paralyze us. We don’t know what to do next.

We’re scared. We’re nervous.

We think that sitting still is the best course of action when times are tough.

From my perspective, I believe that taking the next step forward is the preferred course of action, especially when tragedy strikes. Of course, any progressive movement will be hard at first, but it does get easier with time.

India, China, Baltimore

I kept thinking about what Sean Maguire meant when he said that his next destination could be India, China, or Baltimore.

The point here is that there is a time in life when it doesn’t matter where we go. We just need to do something meaningful.

I’m also reminded about the people who put off doing something until a later time … something they really want to do, but things seem to get in the way.

As I have experienced more in life, I’ve learned that the timing to do anything is never perfect. My way of thinking today is that I would rather find a way to move forward right now than stay stuck in what is possible in the future.

Here are some examples …

• You might be the person who totally dislikes his/her job, but you are still there. You believe someday it will get better, or you will learn to like it. If it does not work for you right now, chances are that it will never be the right fit.

• You might be the person who would like to vacation in India, China, Thailand, Portugal, Nigeria … or Baltimore for that matter. From my experience, thinking and talking about it will never get you there. At some point, it will be necessary to put some money aside, schedule the flight, and get going. You might be short of cash along the way, but you will find a way.

• You might be the person who would like to get more involved in volunteer opportunities. I often hear people share how much they love helping others, but they never take the time to do something about it. From my experience, I know there are countless opportunities to help others in the community. By making one phone call or one text, you are well on your way to sharing your love with others.

I find value sharing my experiences with you … it’s part of me taking the next step forward, as I also heal from a family tragedy that happened just more than a year ago.

The key is to keep moving forward one step at a time.