Dr. Jimmie Flores

Month: May 2023

A Cage No More

It’s a slow Friday night at our home, so my wife and I decide to watch a movie.

After a quick internet search, we settle on a futuristic movie that can be rented for $3.99 on Amazon Prime. This is not the typical type of movie we normally select, but it catches our attention, so we block out a couple of hours to experience this Walt Disney production.

The Comfort of Your Area Code

On a Thursday morning, I was driving our teenage daughter Helena to high school, and at some point, she became engaged with her iPhone, so I decided to listen to a sports show on the Sirius XM Radio.

By the way, Helena now has a car, and she will start driving school this summer. She is the last one of our kids who will go through this learning process. We will have to do our part, and we will practice with her, which means we are yet again putting our lives on the line!

Now back to the radio show …

The Meaning of Work

It’s Friday night, and I am in Louisville, Kentucky. After our wedding anniversary vacation, my wife Dulce has returned to San Antonio, and I went a separate direction to teach a weekend course.

I’m on the elevator of a Marriott property, and we stop on the 8th floor. A janitorial service worker jumps in, and he shares a pleasant smile.

It’s a kind smile, one that communicates so much even without the use of any words.

The $20 Kindness Connection

On a recent flight on a Sunday from Houston Bush to Nassau, Bahamas, my wife and I met an elderly lady, who was sitting right next to us. I must admit I felt an immediate connection with her, but I could not pinpoint why.

I will get to that point a little later.

This flight takes about 2.5 hours, and we were running ahead of schedule.

Balancing the Future and the Past

For the most part, I’m a person that likes to think about the good things coming in the future. I feel blessed God has given me good talents and strong health, and I want to take advantage of them.

I live so much in the future that my wife often reminds me to get back to the present.

I remember here recently we were on a family vacation in New York City, and around Day 2 of this trip, I was asking the family where we wanted to travel next.

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